Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus


The F5 NGINX Application Platform improves the performance, reliability, and security of your applications

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The NGINX vision is to simplify the journey to microservices for our customers. As enterprises move to a DevOps approach to application development and delivery, the tools, stack and interoperability of it all can get very complex. The NGINX Application Platform helps reduce this complexity by consolidating common functions down to far fewer components, to help make application infrastructure scalable and more manageable.

Our Solutions

Load Balancing

Save over 80% compared to hardware load balancers


Service discovery, end-to-end encryption, flexible deployments


Reduce cloud vendor lock‑in, maximize compatibility, get predictable pricing


Reduce security breaches and limit your company’s exposure to malicious users

Web & Mobile Applications

Provide customers with the fastest experience, on any device

API Management

Trust NGINX Plus to manage and secure your business‑critical APIs

We realized that NGINX Plus – with its better support, with its DNS resolving, the advanced metrics that we get – was the way forward. NGINX Plus allowed us to get to the final mile. John Cleveley, Senior Engineering Manager

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Cloud Provider Solutions

NGINX has partnerships and solutions with all of these companies:

Amazon Web Services Google Cloud Platform Microsoft Azure IBM

NGINX Plus is the only all-in-one load balancer, content cache, and web server available in AWS, providing HA with NGINX Plus and NLB, global server load balancing with NGINX Plus and AWS Route 53, and more.