Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

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In this Ebook you will learn:

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    About advanced traffic management methods that improve the resilience of your apps and infrastructure

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    How to use visibility techniques that help you solve two common problems

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    About security use cases that enable your team to better protect cloud-native apps and APIs

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    How to choose an Ingress controller and service mesh that will meet your needs today and as your Kubernetes deployment grows in the future

About the Ebook

Kubernetes – the de facto standard among container management platforms – fuels business growth and innovation by reducing time to market for digital experiences. And while many organizations are prepared for the substantial architectural changes required by Kubernetes, they’re surprised by the organizational impacts of running modern app technologies at scale. Whether you’re just getting started or already running in production, you’ve probably encountered three business‑critical barriers between you and the Kubernetes dream: complexity, security, and the differing priorities of your teams.

Implementing Kubernetes doesn’t need to be complicated. In this eBook, we share how organizations can reduce the complexity and risks of running Kubernetes by using three production‑grade traffic management tools: an Ingress controller, a web application firewall, and a service mesh. Real‑life examples, strategies, and use cases help you get ready to move from testing to production in no time.

About the Authors

Jenn Gile

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Jenn Gile

Manager, Product Marketing for NGINX F5
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