Web Server Load Balancing with NGINX Plus

Multi-Cloud Application Delivery

Use any cloud with NGINX Plus, the most advanced load balancer for cloud‑native applications.

We’re running a cloud service… running four million websites globally… we’re taking the traffic load for all of those through NGINX. John Graham-Cumming, Programmer, CloudFlare


How Can NGINX Plus Help You Move to Cloud?

Eliminate vendor lock-in

Eliminate Vendor Lock‑In

Don’t get trapped by your public cloud vendor; with NGINX Plus you’re free to deploy in any cloud: public, private, or hybrid

Get predictable pricing

Get Predictable Pricing

Keep costs under control with volume discounts and site licenses

Improve performance

Improve Performance

Reduce page‑load time and cut costs with flexible content caching

Support unlimited apps

Support Unlimited Apps

Reduce complexity and costs by using a single NGINX Plus instance to deliver all your apps

Get more features

Get More Features

Get critical functionality that cloud‑native load balancers don't have, like security controls, content caching, and rate limiting

Maximize compatibility

Maximize Compatibility

NGINX Plus is compatible with Kubernetes, Docker, Mesos, and your app development tools

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